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60hrs Embodied Anatomy Course for Teachers

"Pilot" BWY Module 2024

Early bird price of  £690 until 30th April.

The course is composed of 8 modules, spread over 4 week-ends (Friday-Saturdays)

All the modules are given online via zoom. Only the practical part of the course is recorded and accessible for 30 days. An extensive handout is sent for each modules.  

10 participants maximum to ensure that everyone has space for their questions.

All the modules must be followed online to qualify for the certificate.

All the homeworks must be sent to qualify for the certificate.

Dates and timings change every year and are on the calendar page.

DEADLINE 31st August to book this course

Please read our T&Cs in the Student Prospectus below before comitting to the course

Investment: The cost for the Course is £750 - (£690 plus £60 fee towards BWY).

All prices valid for 2024

Suggested reading / watching / self-enquiry / home practice / applying while teaching


Total 12hrs

8 modules over 4 week-ends

Weekend 1

- Breath Space

- Arm lines

Weekend 2

- Mapping the Spine

- Head and Neck

Weekend 3

- Pelvic Equilibrium

- Shoulder Girdle

Weekend 4

- The Knee in movement

- Foot Foundation

Total 40hrs

8 homeworks to be done at home inbetween the weekend modules               

Total 8 hours

An extensive description of the course and the content of each module can be sent to you in PDF uppon request. If you wish to qualify for the 60hrs embodied anatomy course, please contact Julie here for an interview and payment plans.


"I would like to sincerely thank you again for taking us through this journey and I am glad I signed up for this. I have learnt so much and the more I learn, the more I want to learn... so no regrets!" - Chin Chin - France - 2023

"There is so much I have learned but briefly what stands out is : the sections of the spine, accessory breathing muscles, the superficial back line, the sub occipitals, shoulder girdle muscles, knee muscles, foot bones. I learned I have a lot to learn. Thank you so much Julie, for allowing me to be a part of your course so far away! Much appreciated!!! Hope to train with you again!" Rachel - Virginia, US - 2023

"I learned a lot about fascia, and I particularly enjoyed learning about the movements on the foot to help with very common issues like plantar fasciitis. I learned about the interconnectivity of the body, especially in the first module when you taught us about how the diaphragm is so connected to the stomach when breathing. These simple but powerful explanations have transformed the way I teach." Rakhee - London, UK - 2022

Evelina - Aylesbury, UK - 2021

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