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Calendar 2024
Anatomy Classes for Movement 

APRIL 2024

19th April Viscera and Organs (5hrs)

In this CPD we will explore the links between visceral manipulation and Yoga and how to use it in our practices.

26th March Endocrine System (5hrs)

Please contact us directly for booking

We will talk as well about how the hormones affects our fascial web, and how this information is useful for your classes. You will learn how they affect the body, and how they are made. Recording Available for 10 days

MAY 2024

3rd May  Fascinating Fascia (5hrs)

Update your knowledge on the Fascial web with the last reseacrhes in this field. Recording available for 10 days

17th May  Nervous System (5hrs)

How does the nervous system work?

What are efferent and afferent nerves?

What are Mechanoreceptors? Proprioceptors? Nociceptors?

We will visit the brain, the Vagus nerve and talk about the polyvagual theory.

Recording available for 10 days

JUNE 2024

7th June Spinal Conditions (5hrs)

We will examine what to offer for people with:

Hyper Kyphosis, Scoliosis, Canal Stenosis, Spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis, Ankylosing Spondylitis and lower back pain.

Learn more on how to modify in a 1-0-1 setting as well as a group class.

Recording available for 10 days


28th Fan of the Hips (4hrs)

If you want to know how to safely work around the hips, or work with people who had a hip replacement, this CPD is for you.

JULY 2024

60hrs ANATOMY COURSE 2024 - British Wheel of Yoga Module


Module1- 13th & 14th September

Breath Space (5hrs)

Arm lines (5hrs)

Module 2 - 12th & 11th October

Mapping the spine (5hrs)

Head & Neck (5hrs)

Module 3 - 8th & 9th November

Pelvic Equilibrium (5hrs)

Shoulder Girdle (5hrs)

Module 4 - 6th & 7th December

Knee in Movement (5hrs)

Foot Foundation (5hrs)


29th November 2024

Neuroscience & Movement (5hrs)

13th December 2024

Fascia is a sensory organ (5hrs)

3rd January 2025

From our Viscera (5hrs)


17th January 2025

The 7 Diaphragms (5hrs)

31st February 2025

Spirals Everywhere... (5hrs)

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