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Calendar 2023
Anatomy Classes for Movement practitionners

February 2023


3rd Pelvic diaphragm (4hrs) 9.30am till 14.30pm

March 2023

3rd & 4th Spinal Conditions (6hrs) 9.30am till 12.30pm


​60hrs Anatomy Course 2023

Module1- 14th & 15th April

Breath Space (5hrs)

Arm lines (5hrs)

Module 2 - 19th & 20th May

Mapping the spine (5hrs)

Head & Neck (5hrs)

Module 3 - 23th & 24th June

Pelvic Equilibrium (5hrs)

Shoulder Girdle (5hrs)

Module 4 - 21st & 22nd July

Knee in Movement (5hrs)

Foot Foundation (5hrs)

40hrs Somatic Movement Course Autumn 2023

20th October 2023

Neuroscience & Movement (5hrs)

3rd November 2023

Fascinating Fascia (5hrs)

17th November 2023

From our Viscera (5hrs)

1st December 2023

The 7 Diaphragms (5hrs)

15th December 2023

Spirals Everywhere... (5hrs)

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