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Meet Julie

Yoga, Mindful Movement & Anatomy teacher

Registered with the Yoga Independent Network, as a Yoga Elder with over 5000hrs of teaching, I have been a Yoga teacher for over a decade. I am also a registered Yoga Therapist with the CNHC (UK). I teach anatomy to yoga teachers and movement professionals since several years. 

I have scoliosis and since I was 14 I went to the physiotherapist every week to improve my posture and reduce my back pain. I lived many years abroad as a humanitarian worker. I started my journey with yoga in India in 2009, which changed my life. At that time, I was living in Chennai and to take care of my back pain, I took private yoga classes for 2 years. Thanks to my teacher, I no longer needed to go to the physio, I had my practice to manage my pain.


I did my first teacher training in 2012 at the Sivananda Ashram in Orléans. When I started teaching, people with different pathologies came to me, and I was afraid of hurting them, or to do the wrong think. I then began my journey in anatomy with Blandine Calais Germain and her team in 2013.


In June 2017, I was one of the very first Yoga teachers to receive her Anatom'Yoga diploma (more than 300 hours of training in anatomy applied to Yoga). My dissertation focused on the link between the spine (obviously) and breathing.


My other anatomy teachers are Leslie Kaminof (New York) author of the Bestseller Yoga Anatomy and Thomas Myers (USA) author of the very famous Anatomy Trains and fascia specialist. Today I deepen my knowledge by following personalities such as Gil Hedley (Dissection and Fascia - US), Robert Schleip (fascia research in Germany), Julian Baker (Functional Fascia- UK) and Jaap Van Der Wall (Embriologist - NL).


Why Anatomy?

Third Eye
Is Anatomy for me ?

Understanding anatomy is essential for movement teachers and practitioners. The limitations of the body must be respected. Understanding compressions, stresses and loads in the different structures will give you indications about what breaks the movement, what can help it and when to stop. To understand the basis of physical limitations Anatomy provides the answers. And it does not have to be boring! My curriculum engages the participants and focuses on human movement through exploration of experiential anatomy and biomechanics in such a dynamic way that you will enjoy yourself!

Language is our tool

One of my teachers say "Our words are the brushes with which we paint". In our own practice we develop an intuitive understanding of our bodies, but sometimes without the language to communicate what we know and feel. Learn how to refine your language and speak simply but accurately of the body.

Working with People with physical limitations

A good knowledge of anatomy will help you to reach new students who may be kept away from movement practice. Make your classes more inclusive!

Heart Outline

I teach functional anatomy and the bio-mechanical imperatives that impact the way we move and explain why this is relevant for your teaching.

Preventing Injuries

I offer important insights to the prevention of injury and keys to the efficient movement that practices can offer.



"Julie has taught workshops at my Yoga Studio for the past 2 years. She is highly professional in her approach. Her classes and workshops are always delivered to the highest quality and her knowledge of her subject shines through."

Lucy Toleman - Indee Yoga - Hemel Hampstead


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